Many years ago, I was at a study group looking at Revelations, and we were using support information from Tomorrow's World. I thought that the pictures they had in the study made the calamities of Rev. 8/9 and 15/16 look like the same event repeated. I thought it would be interesting to have a closer look. Therefore, I first created the results as a single page on my main website, called whatofthenight.com. This was in about 2014. Then I enlarged it to be a subdomain called theend.whatofthenight.com. That evolved into its own website called revelationsunfolding.com, but I have had to change that name for the book as it was already taken. It has changed over the years as I read or watched other commentators of the end of the age make intriguing observations that changed my thoughts on subjects. As I researched more, I made new discoveries. As I predicted what was about to happen, and they came and went, issues became obsolete. These events encouraged me to keep going, as I was never far off the mark. After all this time and all the changes that have come and gone, this is the result. This is not a prophetic set of writings, but a look at the words in a set of prophetic writings. Based on the idea that Revelations and other scriptures are for these days and written for people now to understand,

If we are looking at the words, then how can we show that the fundamental principles of God's word are true? Have time and chance diluted the word until it is just some vague principle to live a good life by? Or is the power of God such that not a letter or a dot is out of place? How can we have confidence that God's word proves itself? I like to look at life itself.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led numerous people to wonder more about mRNA, DNA, and spike proteins. When you look, you find that our creation is unbelievably complex. Your DNA will receive a signal and produce an RNA string. RNA sends a signal that produces enzyme strings that then fold together, called folded proteins. Four of these proteins are used as the proteins that make up the components of DNA. Each folded protein has billions of options for folding in its own right. Each DNA helix has billions of proteins in it, and mRNA has billions of combinations. They all work together in harmony. This process is run by a programme of complexity beyond anything men can understand. These programmes then need to have a computer language to talk to each other in order to work. Programmes and languages are the same concepts that run your computer. DNA helix and mRNA, strings of enzymes folded, programmes, and languages like this need intelligence more powerful than we can imagine. If God can put all this together, surely he can get a few words exactly the way they are meant to be. I will say this clearly in its own sentence. To think that the word of God is just some random writing by fallible men is insulting. Not a word or full stop is improper. The top translations, like the Revised Standard Version and the English Standard Version, are amazingly accurate. The translations, especially from Greek, can have different words in different versions but are generally very similar. I tried to keep an eye on that and go back to the Greek translations when needed.

In Daniel, we read, "But you, Daniel, shut up the words and seal the book until the time of the end." "Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase."

The book is written for the people of the world in the end times. Daniel sets a standard, and Revelations is the same. Since the great flood, 95% of people who lived will have lived in the age of Laodicea. 90% have lived since the end of the Second World War. If ever a book was written for today and not the people of the time, it is Revelations. The primary problem with Revelations is that it paints pictures of wonder and dread. When seeing these pictures in our mind's eye, we neglect to look at what the words are saying. Looking at the pictures alone, you do get some ridiculous stories being put forward. They seem to come straight from the Looney Tunes section of the Space Cadet manual. The good news is that there are many saints producing wonderful writings. Please remember to look at the words.

The main difference in my view is that instead of looking at the chapters in Revelations as a single story, I looked at them as a series of short stories all covering different aspects of the same subject. In fact, 14 stories cover 21 subjects. Everything you thought you knew about the end of the age will change. Hold on; it is going to get bumpy.

Many have standard interpretations that we have come across many times before. For the seals, the trumpets, the angels, the bowls of wrath, and others, I have set out the verses in order, starting at Revelation 1 and going verse by verse. I chose to write it this way in order to be relevant, subject by subject. I think you will be amazed. I am a practical man, so my assumptions are limited, and you will not see aliens, giants, the Pope being the Anti-Christ, mystery planets, lizard men, or secret codes. There are some obvious images of the UK with lions, Russia with bears, and the USA with eagles. Once a parameter has been set, I stick to it. I try to keep it simple, and if it says something, I try to keep what is said as literal as possible. I hope this doesn't scare you off, because this view of Revelation is fascinating. Some things are encouraging, others are very difficult, and some you may think should also be in the Looney Tunes section of the Space Cadet Manual.

To make it easier to follow and easier to read, I start with other fundamental subjects. With this knowledge in mind, it should be easier to read. Subjects like Daniel's seventy-week prophecy. It is the first chapter, and you can skip it if you like. I have no references at the bottom, as it seemed unnecessary. If I am talking about Revelations 15, then you only have to go to your Bible and read Revelations 15. By referencing everything, it would also make the book too long.

What does it show?
There is a lot of discussion surrounding the Christian End Times and the different predictions that are being made. Some people believe that there are prophecies that are coming true, and others believe that these prophecies are coming true differently. I will discuss the different types of Christian End Times prophecies and what they are predicting. Christian end-time prophecies have been around for centuries. They have been predicted by different people in different ways. Some prophecies are based on the Bible and others on modern prophets such as David Wilkerson, Ellen White, William Branham, and Edgar Cayce. Edgar Cayce is a bit controversial, as he is often associated with the reincarnation of eastern religions. However, that's not right; it is not what he was suggesting at all. We will touch on what he said later. There are also prophecies that are based on signs in the sky, like comets and the sun. The things that are predicted in End Times Unfolding are based on the Bible. Revelations, Matthew 24, Daniel, Zechariah, and a touch of Joel.

What do we hope to get from Revelation?

Apocalypse 101

1) When the end of the world comes, it's going to be a lot different than you think. You will have to do a lot more than just stock up on canned food and bottled water. It will take a lot of preparation to survive the apocalypse. You will need to keep your head up and your eyes open as you prepare yourself. Find a place to hide if you want to live until the end. If you do not mind dying, the rewards will be great.

2) 1. The end of the world is inevitable; 2. The end of the world will be a disaster. 3. The end of the world will be catastrophic. 4. The end of the world will be a global 5. The end of the world will be in your lifetime. 6. Most people will be so deluded that they will not see it coming. As in the days of Noah. The end of the world will be a terrible thing for the unprepared. The hearts of men will melt for fear.

1. Things We Learned About the Future from Revelations: These are not surprising things to learn. 2. The future of the world will be expensive. 3. The people of the world will be deluded. 4. The future of the world will be difficult. 5. The future of the world will be really, really complicated.

This book is very much a nuts-and-bolts look at Revelation. Not a look at the Christian life during these times. Whenever there is trouble, the closer God is to us. So look forward to the spirit being with us in new and powerful ways. The word says he will never leave or forsake us. He does not say, except at the end, when you will look around and I will not be found. When the word says Satan will battle against the saint and prevail against us, it means on the battlefield. The battlefield is the lost souls. I do not think we can expect vast movements of God to bring in whole communities. That wide road to hell is going to be jam-packed, and we can only pick off a few at this late date. Those few will be precious beyond belief.