Those Days not Shortened

Matthew 24-22. And if those days had not been cut short, no human being would have been saved. But for the sake of the elect, those days will be cut short. That is an interesting statement.

We saw during the Cold War that the threat of total annihilation was spoken about freely. The idea was that a nuclear war would create a winter from the pollution in the air. That radiation would cause deformities. This was just propaganda, as neither the radiation nor the smoke from burning cities were capable of doing that. Sure, life as we knew it would no longer exist, but mankind would be far from wiped out. This scripture says that no one will survive. It cannot be a nuclear conflict. What other candidates are there?

Chemical warfare.

We know this as “nerve gas"-type weapons. These gases can be mind-bogglingly deadly. The infamous Novichok nerve agent would only take a few particles to kill its victim. When the case arose in the UK, where Novichok was used to poison the Skripals, it did not work. They survived; Mr. Putin's response was, “No one survives Novichok”. When you spray an area with this type of chemical, everything dies. Not only now but for a long time into the future. While it has the potential to kill everyone, it will also kill the user. The amount would still have to be considerable to cover the world and provide absolutely no benefit to the user. I just cannot see anyone using it.

Germ warfare.

Even though germ warfare is the stuff of great movies, it was apparent in the 1990s that it would not work. The faster a germ spread and the more virulent it was, the faster it mutated. The more they manipulated the DNA, the harder it was to make it infectious. Most countries gave up on this years ago; it does not work and never will. What they have been working on is artificial germs made of nanotechnology. The old idea of an anthrax-type weapon is long dead. Graphene oxide nanoparticles and quantum crystals. These are self-assembling electronics that can receive signals through the 5G network. This is what has been injected into everybody with the COVID-19 vaccines. People who have been vaccinated are now shedding not only the spike protein but also these nanoparticles. People around them who are unvaccinated are having blood tests with nanoparticles showing up. It is also showing up in the pets of people who have been vaccinated. Like the spike proteins, they do not seem to know when to stop. This was the problem that caused every reported experiment on animals to have a 100% death rate. The spike proteins do not turn off, and now it looks as if the nanoparticles will not turn off. While the spiked protein you catch is just not good for your health, you can fight it off. Once the nanoparticles start to self assemble in the new person, they will eventually take over. This is going to kill every living creature on the planet, and it has already been set in place.

Nanotechnology has very little history to it. All of a sudden, this has just leapt onto the stage, and it is profoundly complicated. The whole business is very suspicious. Satan has always loved to have his worshippers, but he knows there is no time left. These people working on this project think they are just numbering, or, at worst, trying to connect us up to the internet through this technology. But connecting us to the internet cannot work. Much of our cognitive reasoning comes from our attached spirit, which cannot be influenced that way. Satan knows that, so his plans are different. He knows that this self-assembling nanotech is going to kill everything. That will throw vast numbers into the pit, where he can rule over them. He had an objective to kill everyone, and he has achieved it. That is how much he hates God.

When, on the Day of the Lord, God’s army sweeps the world and everything behind it is burned, they are destroying this nanotechnology.

There may be some weapons that are not known to the public yet. I am assuming not.