The USA in Revelations

The symbol for the US is an eagle, and based on this, and Revelations is for now, when the Bible talks about an eagle, it means the USA. That the seventh head of the beast and that Babylon the Great rides, as I have shown, can only be the USA. Let's start with the USA being the seventh head, being attacked, and having its cities destroyed. Strangely, it does not indicate that there is some kind of mutual destruction. It does not indicate that the enemy is harmed at all. How could that be? The military may well be destroyed when they attack quickly. Everything has become so high-tech that it would quickly lose all functionality without logistical support. Because of corruption, most of the US military is for show and not for war. Russia has made some technological advances, with supersonic missiles and a weapon that can turn off all electricity. There are some modern visions where people say they saw planes fall out of the sky. On paper, the American military budget looks vastly better than that of China and Russia. However, what do you get for your money? Hopeless corruption in the USA's military budgets gets pointed out regularly. The 120 billion the Chinese spend is far more than the 750 billion the USA obtains. The $60 billion the Russians spend on purchases is almost the same. This destruction is inevitable. What is left of the USA with the cities destroyed will also be destroyed by the wicked who have stolen it. The country and smaller towns have become increasingly Christian, or at least conservative. Is this destruction going to end up being the greatest blessing the USA has ever received?

Rev 8-13, Then I looked, and I heard an eagle crying with a loud voice as it flew directly overhead, “Woe, woe, woe to those who dwell on the earth, at the blasts of the other trumpets that the three angels are about to blow!”
That could be an American satellite or TV, like Daystar, over the internet. Short wave radio transmissions or even a ship on the ocean broadcast: I am suggesting that Christian radio from the USA will still be broadcasting at this point in the tribulation. Has the USA become the nemesis of the Antichrist? The curse of the megachurch will be gone, and people are going to turn back to God.

The next mention is Rev. 12:14. The woman is given eagle's wings to escape from what comes from Satan's mouth. To a place prepared by God. Is this the Christian Israelis escape to somewhere safe? Do two or three American aircraft carriers send in planes and helicopters before Jerusalem is given over to the nations? The Antichrist is trying to hurt them, and the Americans are rescuing them. This would truly mean the USA and Antichrist are enemies. If so, it is great news for them, for of all the inhabitants of the world, only they and the 144000 are safe. A broken USA and a few other countries are fighting the Antichrist to the end and the Day of the Lord. This doesn't preclude the fact that a section of American society is in the hands of the Antichrist and a battle is still raging in the land.
Daniel 7 has a lion with eagle wings, and the wings are plucked off. Different Bible versions say torn or pulled off; many say the same thing. The first thought is that this is the American Revolution. This is a vision of the UK, Russia, and Europe making the revolution too early. It has to be something for now, and it has not happened yet. I have heard a modern prophecy saying that when the USA calls on the UK for help, they turn their backs and refuse.
I often hear and read leave the USA, emigrate. But I am sure the USA is the place to be for Americans. Just make sure you can leave the cities and go to a place you have prepared. It is when the female president says, “I am no widow and have not suffered the loss of children. Directly after the worldwide financial collapse.
Even though the USA will not be powerful, it will be the main opposition to the Antichrist and possibly a safe haven.