The Abomination of Desolation
Spike Proteins

The destruction of the temple, 15:22. Titus set up a false god statue in the temple, which caused the revolt. They killed the Romans and took back the temple. When the Romans took back the city after the siege, they killed nearly all the 250,000 people inside. Just a few thousand remained, and it was the same for the surrounding towns. If this abomination is to repeat itself today, it will not take place in any temple. Our bodies are now the temple of God, so this desolation will have to take place in our bodies.

The only way I can see this happening is by being tricked into taking some medicine or vaccine. A vaccine that changes our DNA. Our DNA has God's signature written into it in many ways. We are seeing this unfold in front of our eyes with this mRNA vaccine. One of the mRNA enzymes is called luciferase. It changes, marks, and gives our bodies a number. When we see this happening, we should flee the large cities. It took Rome just over two years to put an army together and destroy the temple. It is probably going to be around the same time as the first event. The first people to get the vaccine were around March 2021. It was everywhere by October 2021.