Babylon (USA) Attacked

The cities of the USA will be destroyed by fire. Rev 18:8 says in a single day her plagues will come, which will almost certainly be financial destruction. Rev. 18:10, which says they will be destroyed in a single hour. There are no words between these two statements, which indicates to me that they will happen very close together. The weapon that will be used has never been seen before. According to some modern prophecies, it is called an Anon nuclear bomb.” The word or noun Anon is from an old Russian fable about a self-weilding sword. How this bomb works is that it explodes a few hundred metres above the ground. There is normal destruction, but it has an extremely intense flash of light. So much so that it turns any plastic in its line of sight instantly into an extremely heated gas. This gas in turn explodes and has the name “thermobaric” explosion. A powerful blast in its own right. Every car or building that explodes causes more to explode. Fires ensued after that, and according to Revelations, it takes an hour to completely burn down a city.
When this attack takes place, USA proxies like Australia, Japan, and Canada will be attacked as well. When New York and Denver are destroyed, Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo, Montreal, and Toronto will be destroyed as well. South Korea and New Zealand are going to suffer a different fate. Where will the attack come from? All the enemies of the USA will be in on it, although most of the weapons will be built by Russia and China. The list includes Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, North Korea, China, and Russia. The saints need to have a rough plan of what they are going to do. There are numerous modern prophecies about this subject. A couple I would like to mention. One is George Washington himself, talking about the wars that would be fought on American soil. Which I have mentioned. The other was in the mid-1800s by Ellen White, who saw a weapon that was driven by fire and flew through the heavens. When it got to the target, it split up into many weapons that struck the cities and burned them to the ground. An astonishing description of the modern intercontinental multiheaded missile.

Rev 18-8 “For this reason, her plagues will come in a single day.” Is this another event that takes place before the destruction by fire in an hour, but after the woman says "I am not a widow”? The result of this one-day event is death, mourning, and famine. Your cards will not work, and no money will be available. If so, by far the most likely event would be a financial collapse. All the banks are interconnected, and if one goes down and takes others with it, then they all go down, and that would happen in a day. David Wilkerson prophesied this would happen many years ago. He said it would start in Japan and quickly spread to the rest of the world. So three events. The first we have seen is that the government of the USA has been stolen by a criminal cartel. Next came the financial collapse, then the attack. The time between the financial chaos and the military attack is very short. This would not be a surprise, as most people cannot understand why this has not happened already. Be watchful, as there will be numerous bank collapses and rumours of impending collapses. However, watch for Japan. When Japan's banks collapse, these events will cascade from there. The burn in an hour will happen rapidly after the banking collapse. When your cards stop working, run.