Revelations Eighteen

The 144000 have been preaching Fear God for a while. When Babylon, fallen fallen, occurs, they will change to preaching, if you take the Mark of the Beast, you will end up in hell. This is controversial for Christians; many will think they are living good Christian lives, only to find out they are rejected. “I do not know you”.
An angel appears with great authority, and the earth is made bright by his presence. This is the revealing of things hidden by the darkness of deception. The angel calls the harlot by a different name, the Great Prostitute. She is not just the mother of prostitutes, but a prostitute herself. The characteristic of the nation that has the women and beast is that it is the dominant player. Financially, and militarily. Who has replaced Rome or Europe to become the seventh head of state or nation? There is only one contender, and that is the USA. When we look at fallen fallen, we are looking at the USA.