Was the C19 vax the Mark of the Beast or the Abomination that causes Desolation?

The vaccines have been a mystery as to what is in them. The independent medical world has thrown millions of dollars and an army at researching what has been given to us. These are the things that can be proven so far.
Just to sidetrack for a second. The scriptures say, “As in the days of Noah, so it will be at the end of the age”. When the Lord looked at the world, he said the only one left who was pure was Noah. We know that no one is pure/righteous but Jesus. It is not saying that Noah was perfect in his actions but pure in his DNA, for the DNA of the fallen angels who married women was not in Noah. When Jesus came and the Holy Spirit was given to dwell in men, the third temple was built. This was not in wood and brick but in our bodies, and Corinthians clearly tells us this. When we put things into our bodies that are of Satanic origin, this is called an abomination.

What is in the vaccine, and what is it doing to you? The first thing they discovered was that vaccines in different areas could be quite different. Every week a new thing seems to be found in the vaccine, and the science involved is so complex that no one appears to be able to give an easy-to-understand picture of what is happening. Names like mRNA reverse transcription, Luciferase, Crispa, chimeric transcriptions, hydrogel, quantum dots, Graphene, Hydra Vulgaris and nanobot-tech are bewildering.
An interesting aspect is that a lot of the ingredients in the vaccine have patents on them, or at least official reports required by law.

You could write a book on each subject. I will break it down into four parts that are in all the variations of the vaccine. Luciferase, Hydra Vulgarus, nanotechnology, and gene manipulation.

Luciferase is a reporter enzyme. It allows for gene expression analysis, promoter structure analysis, and SNP analysis, among other things. It is a natural substance from fireflies that causes the fly to glow. Luciferase is pronounced Lu ci fe raise. It is by God's mighty hand that it also reads as Lucifer-Ace. The luciferase that is in the shots has been genetically modified and patented. The Microsoft Luciferase patent ends with the number 060606. These numbers are given randomly, but this is another example of God's mighty hand. It makes its way into each cell and reacts with the cell to produce a glow, the strength of which is dependent on the state of the cell. This glow, or the photons of light, can be analysed. Then given a code. If you were looking at the skin of those people who had been given the vaccine, you would have noticed that most of them went clearly yellow at first. When I first saw it, I thought the vaccine was giving people terrible liver problems. It was the same colour. People would rotate between yellow and very pale. Then I learned that they had discovered luciferase in the vaccine. There is also blue luciferase in some brands. This is bacteria with the ability to glow. Some vaccine manufacturers used blue in the beginning, but later changed to yellow.
Luciferase gives your biometric number, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name. Not the mark of the beast, but a function of the mark. Even though people like Bill Gates have been saying these things will happen as plainly as possible for years now. People are still tricked.

Hydra Vulgaris is a genetically modified parasite that attaches to your nervous system. It works in the wild by making lesser animals feel invincible, attack larger animals, and get eaten. The Hydra then enters the larger animal. It is not uncommon to find it in cats and dogs. It has been genetically altered to have this feel good ability turned on by 5G or LED light. So, you are watching some news programme, and they want you to feel good about something. The LED TV will put out a light range that will turn on the Hydra, and you get the feeling the story is good. Slowly but surely, your thought patterns are changing. Originally, I thought this was the reason everybody who had the vaccine was going to lose their salvation, but it is more complicated than that. However, it will cause heavy losses among the Christians of this world. The name Hydra comes from the Greek, meaning a many headed creature. But Hydra in Latin means dog. I have read of numerous people having visions of the end times, and the soldiers have animal or dog heads. My own personal picture of this was of an old Egyptian god with a dog's head. He was carrying a modern machine gun and standing in front of a tank. If you have had or read about a vision of a man with a dog's or cat's head, it is the mark of the beast, period. If it has a long horse shaped face, it is a vision of the Lord's army that sweeps the world on the Last Day.

Hydra are no longer in any booster shots. They were in the first two shots only. If you can find a way to kill them, you will be free. The most unusual thing about the hydra parasite is that it is eternal. They do not age and die. The hydra is also no longer in the vaccine. They were stopped either because they were too easy to see. Even with modest microscopes you could see them, and thousands of pictures are all over the web. More likely, though, because they are eternal, once you had a shot, that was enough. It was also the reason they had to keep the vaccine frozen to stop the eggs from hatching. It no longer has to be frozen.

Hydrogel with nanotechnology, self-assembling little robots, and chips. These robots put together Nanobot chips that emit a signal that is readable by your phone. The names that go with this are Graphene, quantum dots and ribbons, and optical communication cables. This subject is very complex. It is all part of the electronic tracking and reading of who is vaccinated and some other controls. Hydrogel is the means by which electronics are carried into our bodies and are not rejected by our immune system. The nanotech put together the chips that give the reading to outside receivers. Nanodots, quantum dots, or quantum crystals, and Graphene are components. Too fantastic to believe? Take out your cell phone (all phones are a bit different) and go to the Bluetooth options. It will probably have a section called “Additional Options.” You find a section with a title saying something like Show Devices without names. Once it has searched, it shows the Mac addresses. That is the electronic address of the chip inside people. Take out your cell phone and test this out for yourself. When you are at home by yourself and in small groups. Then try it out in larger groups. The number of Mac addresses increases accordingly. I have been testing this for at least six months, and what I have noticed is that fewer and fewer people are showing up positive in the test. Either the chips are moving into a new phase that cannot be read or some problem is occurring. The chips have stopped working, or the far more likely scenario is that people's bodies are rejecting the Graphene hydroxide aerials. That is why they will make it, so you have to wear an invisible mark on your right hand or forehead. This has already been developed and is like a small band-aid that is very hard to see with the naked eye. This technology is self replicating and while growth is fast at first, it slows down. However, it does not stop replicating and has been found to shed and show up in not only unvaccinated blood but also the blood of pets.

Messenger RNA reverse transcription.

This is the fourth and most important part of this subject. Names like Crispa, DARPA, and chimeric transcriptions. These are all to do with gene editing and DNA and RNA manipulation. Changing our basic structure to no longer being pure bloods. As in the days of Noah. The claims that it does not change your DNA are ridiculous. The cells that the formula goes into have a natural life cycle of eight to ten weeks. The cell duplicates itself and then dies. If it had not inserted itself into the DNA, it would disappear along with the old cell. It appears that every time your body's immune system is required to do its thing, these cells are also producing the COVID-19 spike proteins as well. This is why people are still testing positive. One of the effects of the mRNAs is to suppress your immune system. This stops your fantastic immune system from ridding your body of these poisons. The other thing that is happening is that these spike proteins are travelling around your body and coming to rest on a cell somewhere.

Your immune system recognises the protein and destroys the cell. Then your body replaces the cell, and there's no problem. Except, some cells in your body do not replicate very fast or never. Your heart and brain are two such areas. The result of which is that you are slowly being killed.
The protein cytosine is one of the four DNA proteins. It appears to be this protein that they are using to change your DNA. It was obvious early on that people's DNA was being damaged. When you add in extra proteins, you have now created something else. Now it turns out that it is far worse than just damage, your DNA is being changed. The protein code in our DNA is A T C G. Using Hebrew, you end up with these letters spelling YHWH. Our DNA shouts the name of God. When the vaccine is done, will it say the name of the Antichrist? Our bodies are the temples of God. The third temple is the Christians' body. We are made in the image of God by our DNA. There are so many ways that our DNA tells us we belong to God and are the temple. So, what happens when we change our DNA with messenger RNA nucleosides and cytosine proteins? We are blaspheming against God with our bodies. This is the “abomination that causes desolation”, as that must take place in the temple.