The Chosen

Three angels fly over head, calling out. This is a sign of what the 144,000 will preach. The desire to start preaching the message that the first angel declares. Is this to come, or has it already happened? Have we seen a wave of outspoken saints crying out to the world that the end of the age is upon us? The answer to that is millions. We have to be more refined with the group than that. We have noticed that the great calm has to happen first, and that occurred in the 1950s. Was there a person in the late 1950s who made headlines preaching that judgement was at hand?

The answer is a big yes. Herbert W. Armstrong had a worldwide ministry. They did not need to be right in all their details; they just needed the simple, base message that judgement was at hand. We have now seen many preachers say the end of the age is here. This started at a new level in the 1970s with books like The Late Great Planet Earth from Hal Lynsay and a group of preachers starting to preach that the end is here all over the world. I am saying that they are here now and are preaching that the day of judgement is at hand. Some people, like Rick Wiles at Tru News, Shaun from The STG Report, Alex Jones at Infowars, and Mike Adams at Brighteon have considerable ministries and have rescued millions. I wonder what they would say to someone telling them they are part of the 144,000. No lie was found in their mouths. You can trust what Rick, Alex, and Shaun are telling you from their ministries. That does not mean they get some things wrong. We all have limited information to work with. However, there is never an intentional attempt to deceive.
They preach this until we hear, fallen is Babylon the Great. Then it changes.