Revelations Fourteen

The Lord and the 144,000 stand on Mount Zion. Mount Zion is not only a name for Jerusalem but also a name for the temple mount. It is also a name for the paradigm of Israel, Zionism. It is an ideal, so it does not mean the 144,000 have to go to Jerusalem but have a condition of the heart. Blameless and have not defiled themselves with women. You do not defile yourselves in marriage. They were virgins, which speaks of how they were called and destined for this from a very young age. These are physical requirements that must be met. Now these saints are walking among us at this very time. You may be one, but how do you know? Firstly, the Lord will be calling you. You meet the above requirements. Lastly, there is a song that only you can learn. This is the test that you can apply to find out if there are false witnesses. What is the song? What are the words? Let’s find out.