The Heads and the Horns

Beasts are spiritual beings, heads are nations or kingdoms, and horns are people. In Revelation 12, the ten horns only have seven crowns. This could be the event that causes the Beast of Rev. 13 to start its seven-year life. People with royal lineage. There are twelve sovereign monarchies in Europe. Andorra and Vatican City are overseen by priests and not by families. That leaves seven kingdoms: England, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Spain. There are Luxembourg and Liechtenstein, leftovers from the old German kingdoms of the Holy Roman Empire and Prussia, plus Monaco in France. When the French Revolution happened, many French royalty were killed, and a lot of property was confiscated. Napoleon Bonaparte then conquered most of Europe, and he was not part of the elite. This was a sign of things to come. The creation of a financial system to control their assets resulted in the fact that it did not matter whether they were kings or not, they still owned most things. The European cabal was established in the 1820s with Swiss banks. The seven named ones with the Holy Roman Empire represented by Luxembourg, the Prussian Kingdom by Lichtenstein, and France by Monaco. Russia wanted to avoid being involved with the Jews, which was odd because they were direct descendants of the same families. The Rothschilds are often accused of ruling the world, but they are only bankers, the frontmen, and it is not their money. The vast fortune that they used to manipulate the world was the money of the old royals and, in turn, Venice's cherubs. Frequently, you can trace the money from the banks to them. All major US news outlets are owned by six companies. Look into the six companies, and you get back to European hedge funds, which are in turn owned by the Royals. The ten banks that own the Federal Reserve are mostly the property of European royals. There are many stories of political intrigue that bump up against one of the royal families. When Joe Bidden started using the globalist catchphrase “Build Back Better,” he was not the first person to use it. King Charles used it at the opening of a World Economic Forum meeting a year earlier, where they announced that the world needed a great reset. Karl Swabb from the World Economic Forum had regular conferences with Otto von Habsburg and, recently, his son Karl von Habsburg, the current King of the Holy Roman Empire. He is also known as the Black Emperor, as his father was. Important and interesting.

The European Royal Houses. The Black Royals
We have been talking about the faces of the royal families and the nations under them. These are for the public to see, but the real power lies behind them. The families, or royal houses, have been intermarrying for centuries. At some stage, they had kings and queens of every country in Europe. There are ten main families, and none of them come from Britain. Ironically, the most influential of the royal families are foreigners in the country in which they reign. These families are from Savoy and Ivrea (Spain). Capet, the oldest and most stable of the houses (France). Wittlebach (Sweden), Nassau, (Netherlands, Luxembourg), Hohenzollern, Welf, Wettin, (Belgium German), Oldenburg (Denmark, Greece , England, Monaco, Norway), and Habsburg (Liechtenstein, Holy Roman Empire, Germany, Austria)

Queen Victoria was from Hanover, a branch of the house of Welf; Queen Elizabeth was from Sax Coburg, the house of Wettin. King Charles is from the House of Oldenburg. These lines always go through the males. These houses are run by men, and they are the most powerful people on the planet. They have absolute rule and are above the law. Many years ago, the Queen recorded a Christmas Queen's speech. She revealed several things that had happened and were about to happen. She said she was sorry she could not stop these things, but they were being done by incredibly powerful people. These are the people she was referring to. Charles got the speech, rewrote it, and made his mother read it out word for word. The Oldenburgs, who now have the British throne, were also the Romanovs of Russia. It is one giant family, and in the 1830s they started a scheme that would protect their wealth and status for all time. These people set up the EU, with Otto von Habsburg (King of the Holy Roman Empire) as the driving force behind it. They are the power behind George Soro’s Open Society and the World Economic Forum. Their agenda is to bring about a Neo-Feudalism society. But it goes wrong. The Bible says their arrogance has made them fools. If you look closely at the things King Charles has said over the years, he truly is a fool. The first of these Black Royals was Otto von Volger, or Otto the Great, the first Emperor of the second Holy Roman Empire. Some may argue it was really his father, Henry Von Volger.
If you think that the male intertwining of this family (and they are really one family) is scary. Look at the female side, and it is truly stunning just how much this is just one family. Stunning and quite disturbing. Are there royal ties to the Tartarians? The first Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire achieved this with the backing and wealth of Venice. There are other ties dating back as far as Troy.