The Two Witnesses

The two witnesses are who? Elijah is clearly shown to be one of them, but who is the other? Let us have a look at the prime candidates. The first is Enoch, and that is because Enoch also did not die. Gen 5/24 Enoch walked with God, but he was not found, for God took him. That does not mean he did not die; it just means he was not found. He did walk with God. That is the only connection, and he is not a character of any significance in the rest of the Bible. One of them is Moses. Moses was with Elijah at the transfiguration of Jesus. Jude says that there was significance in Moses body as Satan was contesting over it.
Satan has nothing to do with Sheol, so why was he interested in it? The other is John the Baptist. Jesus himself said, “For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John. And if you are willing to accept it, he is Elijah”. If John is one of them, is he the second witness, or is it not Elijah but the ministry of Elijah in the person of John the Baptist? My personal guests are Elijah and Moses, for they were on the mountain at the transfiguration of Jesus.