Revelations Eleven

In Revelations 11, the second and third woes are talked about. We see that they are numbered by when they finish and not by when they begin. There is only one event left after the end of the second woe, and that is the harvesting of the wicked.

John is given a measuring rod and a staff to measure the temple of God (the temple of God is the Christians and the altar at which we worship our churches). John could no longer find a place to measure the temple of God, so he was to measure the new temple, the Christians, and the people who gathered at the altar to worship. The community will be divided on whether the two witnesses are good or evil. Some will say they are evil, while others will say they are good. As the two witnesses minister the disasters they bring upon the earth, some will die, while others will be saved, but most will hate them.

The holy city can only be Jerusalem. Israel is going to fall under the power of the nations. There will be much death and suffering. The armies will race across Israel, slaughtering all in their path. Jerusalem is holy to Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike. The Temple Mount will not be destroyed when they take refuge there because of this. It is the inner court, but what happens in the outer court will be quite different.