Sexual immorality.

Divorce is rampant, as is adultery, but the stand out is the promotion of homosexuality as some kind of acceptable norm. To think that this is promoted by leaders within mainstream churches. One day, these people are going to stand before the throne of God to be judged. We will get to see the unimaginable horror on their faces as judgement is handed down, and they are thrown into the lake of fire. I get no joy from the thought; I only regret that I could not do more for them when I had the chance.

The Prosperity gospel

This gospel has been attacked from all directions, and it is not hard to find excellent examples of it. My view is that no growth or maturity can be gained unless hardship is encountered. The idea that you will have trouble in the world again and again. In fact, Jesus said as much. But these problems come for our benefit and growth and should be celebrated. Not that every moment should be suffering, but seasons for both, for without them, you will remain children. The outworking of this gospel is that if things are going well with you, then you must agree with God. The other side of that coin is that if things are going bad for you, you must be out of tune with God. This leads to the judgement of others based on flimsy reasoning.

Extreme Grace Gospel, or Hyper Grace.

Calling things that are not in existence.

Hyper-grace teachers maintain that all sin, past, present, and future, has already been forgiven, so there is no need for a believer to ever confess it. The hyper-grace teaching says that, when God looks at us, He sees only a holy and righteous people. That believers are not responsible for their sin. This is a total rejection of the adverse issues we can suffer as Christians. Once a Christian, always a Christian, and you cannot lose your salvation. If you think positively enough, you can call things into existence, as God did. A rejection of the judgement of Jesus. The scriptures say that no one can take your faith away from you if you have received your salvation. No one but you. You can take your salvation, roll it up, and throw it in the trash bin. If you do this when you reach a certain level of maturity, then there is no turning back. The unforgivable sin is that Jesus cannot die twice for you.

The Gospel of Works.

For the most part, we understand that there is no salvation but through faith in Jesus. We do not get salvation because we have done good works; we do good works because we are saved. However, there is a gospel of works that is not so obvious. For example, the church is full of people because we have a great pastor. He is very capable and must be blessed by God for what he does. The pastor down the road is struggling because he has suffered from poor health. Because of this, God must not be with him. A rejection of salvation by grace.

Lifestyle Christians

The teaching of a gospel that people want to hear. Do these churches exist because a pastor has practised modern marketing and manipulation? Or has the rise of this kind of preaching been the result of the average Christian only intending to hear this gospel? I think the latter. People flock to what they intend to hear. To further inform yourselves, read articles about the New Apostolic Reformation.

The doctrine of self-help

The word of God will be preached, but not in a way that will give you understanding and maturity, but by describing one of life's problems. How to fix them using the word. It does not sound bad at all. The concern lies in the fact that you end up being the centre of everything. Whereas when you go to church, Jesus should be the centre, and you have gone there to worship him and not yourself. By worshipping yourself, you lose the Fear of God, and when you lose that, you lose everything.
So, you are a Christian down at the Christian coalface, living a real life. What will this look like to you?
The songs will be about you and not the Lord. The words go.
I love you, Lord, and I lift my voice
To worship you. Oh, my soul, rejoice!
I love you, I lift my voice, and my soul rejoices. Two I's and two my’s.
As opposed to:
Be exalted, be exalted; let the God of glory thunder from on high.”
Be exalted, be exalted, for you alone deserve the highest praise.
Both are wonderful songs, and both are good, but if the first dominates the first type, the worship becomes about you and not the Lord.
The sermons are what I like to call self-help sermons. For example. Here is a difficulty you face, such as money, relationships, etc. Here are some scriptures about the subject and a few examples, then a long talk that says Jesus will improve or solve it all. Whereas, you do not see sermons like, What we should be seeking after is wisdom backed by a few scriptures. Wisdom is made up of three components: understanding, knowledge, and insight. With a few scriptures to back them up. What Jesus says on the subject, and how this can help us in our daily Christian lives. One helps us grow as Christians; the other is little better than entertainment.
I tell you that if our sermons today were of the same educational standards as forty years ago, no Christian would have ever taken the vaccine.