The saints cry out from under the throne, although it is probably better described as around and lower than the throne. They are saints who have been martyred. They were killed because of the witness to Jesus that they provided. Remember this for later on during the tribulation. They are part of the 100 million. Some of these people, who are the elders of all humanity, are from a period greater than the last three and a half years. The vast majority, though, are from the tribulation period. There are 24 elders with thrones, but all of them are elders. There are eight billion people alive today, and nine billion since the flood. Before the flood, they lived much longer. The period before the flood was 1500 years, and since the flood, it has been 4500 years. With a life span three times longer, they probably produce the same number of people. That's another 8 billion. There are one thousand years to come, so say a quarter of eight billion again. Totals 18 billion people who will ever lived. One hundred million elders, making it one elder for every 180 people. It sounds about right.