The Black Horseman

The White Horseman arrived in 1844, the Red Horseman in 1884, and the Black Horseman in 1924. Are there events that show this happened?
Matthew 24 says Nation will rise against Nation and Kingdom against Kingdom. Revelations says,
And I saw, and behold, a black horse, and he that sat thereon had a balance in his hand. And I heard, as it were, a voice amid the four living creatures saying, A measure of wheat for a penny and three measures of barley for a penny, and the oil and the wine hurt thou not.
This should have happened in the mid-1920s, to fit in with the first two riders. In the mid-1920s, two major events happened that caused such conflict.

Firstly, the Soviet Union started in 1921 with Lenin. The true Soviet Union came into existence when Stalin took over in 1924. The battle between the USSR and the West caused worldwide conflict between nations. A dividing of the world into the First World (west), the Second World (Soviet), and the Third World (neutral). Are Cuba and Angola third-world nations? No, they are second-world nations. In 1913, the Federal Reserve was set up in the USA. The Reserve Banks discovered that their purchases influenced short-term interest rates and credit conditions. Purchases of securities tended to lower rates and make credit more widely accessible, while sales had the opposite effect. The Fed started to purchase securities in 1924 and 1927 as a policy to control the economy. The economy slipped into recession, and their initial attempts caused the Great Depression. These securities are called bonds because they put countries into bondage. This Reserve Bank and the whole reserve bank system have been a miserable failure since they got away from market forces and tried to manipulate the economy. They are the main cause of money imbalances. This manipulation started in 1924 with the arrival of the black rider. It was caused by individuals knowingly giving an elite dominating power over the entire earth. Why the reserve banks cause massive imbalances and poverty is a book in its own right. There are many interesting books if you have the time. 

The Black Rider has a pair of scales in his hand. We think today of scales as being about justice, but to John, it would have been trading. The balancing of one weight against another. Prices of goods are set not by demand, but by the will of the seller if he has control. We see that in the rise of multinational companies and international banks. They just do what they want without fear of punishment. This has all been established using the reserve bank system. The US Reserve Bank or Fed is a private bank. Owned by ten other banks. Some ownership of these banks is held by American citizens, but the majority of these banks are owned by Europeans. As you dig deeper and deeper, you find ownership goes back to the old royal families of Europe. 
The control of food prices and how you are to buy them is plain to see. However, once we get into the tribulation, things are going to get awful. We are seeing the mechanics of how the mark of the beast will work right in front of our eyes right now. Add the new blockchain technology and the unlimited control it gives. The control will be absolute. Note that the more expensive items are not to be touched. A reflection of the gap between rich and poor and the different standards of justice between the rich and poor.
The last rider is to come if White is 1844, Red is 1884, Black is 1924, and the Pale or Green Horseman should be1964.