100 Million before the throne

The scene where there is a vast multitude before the throne will come up several times. Who they are, what they are, and how they got there can be worked out. We are told that the number is too great for John to count. I would think that looking at one hundred million people would be impossible to count. However, Jesus can count them and tells us they are one hundred million strong, or a myriad (10,000) of myriads. John is asked by one of the elders, “Where have they come from? He says he does not know. The elder says, “Out of the tribulation, which is the last three and a half years, Rev 7-14 And he said to me, “These are the ones coming out of the great tribulation.” These one hundred million saints have won victory over the Antichrist. This victory is mostly choosing not to receive the mark of the beast or worship it, but rather dying instead. Jesus had his victory over death by dying on the cross, and these Christians also have victory by dying. Christians certainly live their lives according to upside-down standards. This number may also include any saint who has died in the name of Christ. Choosing to be a witness to Jesus over the centuries. This is a form of Rapture, not by being spirited away but through death. This death is not without extreme reward. Their deeds will be carried with them for all time, and they are also the first resurrection. There are 24 elders with thrones, but Revelations 5 indicates that all of this group will have the title of elder forever. This is what is on offer from going through a death in the tribulation, and we have a doctrine, the Rapture, saying you are not, you will be taken away. Taken away from the most precious thing any Christian could look forwards to.