In some ways, Revelations is just an abridged version of the minor prophets. They cover so many of the subjects, and Zechariah has some essential subjects covered. I want to touch on them to give a full understanding of Revelations. They are the horsemen, the woman in a basket, and the two sins.
The Book of Zechariah contains the prophecies of Zechariah from around 519 BC. There are three distinct groupings, and they were likely written in three periods. The Book of Zechariah is remarkable. Daniel gets all the glory, but Zechariah has far more profound prophecies than any other, except for Isaiah. Zechariah has Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey, the 30 pieces of silver being thrown to the Potter's field. Introduces us to the horsemen, Babylon, and wickedness, Jesus going into hell to release the captives, and things that happen on the Lord's day. He also has two angels with wings, and they are female. Do angels have wings? The answer is yes, some do. Are angels all male? The answer is no, some are female. Zechariah 1–18 reinforces the concept that horns represent people. The four craftsmen who repair Israel are described as horns.