The Horses


Coloured Horses.

The first introduction to the coloured horses and riders comes from Zechariah; their job is to bring peace and security to the nations. 'We have patrolled the earth, and behold, all the earth remains at rest.' Satan was one of these Cherubim. In job, Jehovah asks him where he has been and Satan answers going to and fro across the earth. In the first vision, there are only three colours. Red, white, and sorrel. Sorrel is a pale yellow/green, and Revelations just describes it as pale. We will come across this colour again. When the riders come on the scene in Revelation 6, it is as though they are new and have a particular task to achieve. What is happening is that the tasks set for them are changing. So, when I say the Red Horseman arrives in the 1880s, I mean that the task set for him changes. They have been given new tasks for the first time during their captivity in Babylon. In Zechariah 6, these horses are pulling chariots, and all four colours are there. The black (money) and white (religion) go north, the sorrel (poverty/death) goes south, and the red (war) stays where it is in the Middle East. Very much repeated in what we see as the history of the world. In Revelations, the tasks they are assigned are changed again.