This is from Zechariah 5:1–4, which deals with the flying scroll. A big scroll, 10 by 20 cubits. A cubit is about half a metre. That is 5 metres wide by 10 metres long. It has only one thing written on each side.
"I looked and saw a flying scroll". Side one is about everyone who steals. Takes something that does not belong to them. This is far more widespread than just stealing a TV. Murder and abortion are taking something that does not belong to you. The other side has everyone who bears false witness. Far more reaching than lying. There is a legal sense to this, which includes breaking God's laws. Sex outside of marriage and such. You can apply one of these two to any form of wickedness. The two sins on it are the fundamental roots of all sins. Lying and stealing are the very bases on which our modern governments run. The USA is the perfect example of Post-modern Gangsters. In times gone by, even gangsters had a code they lived by. Honour amount thieves. These post-modern gangsters seem to be devoid of any honour, empathy, morality, or guilt. Their description of people as, deplorables and useless eaters says everything. The wickedness of the woman is the Babylonian (world) system. Not our personal sins, although stealing and lying are two of them