Revelations Four and Five

We are looking at Revelation as if each verse were a view of the same events but from a different perspective. In Rev. 4:5, we are looking at what is going on in heaven while the end of the age is played out. Rev. 4 sets the scene. The Father on the throne and the Lamb in front of the Father, plus the elders, who I would guess are people from the earth rather than angels. The term "elders" has the meaning of wisdom gathered over time compared to younger people, but the angels were created at the same time for the tasks set before them. The four living creatures, or the Seraphs or Cherubim. These are types of angels. Which are then called beasts. The same name as angels of darkness are called, beasts. There is a bowl of incense before the Lord, which is the prayers of the saints. Times are going to get terrible, and you may despair that God does not hear your prayers, but he does, and come what may, he hears and sees what is happening. The scroll is presented, and only the Lion of Judea can open it. The one hundred million saints who come out of the tribulation sing before the throne. It appears the number of angels, when added, is seven to ten million. Daniel says a thousand thousands; that is one million. This million angels are the angels that serve him, not all the angels. There are the angels that fell with Satan as well. Where are they now? We will take a look at that later. They all sing to the Lord; then the victory comes, and all creation sings to the Lord.