Age of Philadelphia

The Age of Philadelphia runs from the 1520s to the 1840s. This age has a bit to do with the setup for the Age of Laodicea. This age started with the likes of Martin Luther and the Protestant Revolution. During the previous age, the Catholic Church had fallen under the power of Satan, and numerous saints had spoken out against the falling away from the word. This resulted in much persecution, culminating in the Spanish Inquisition. Particularly in Spain and much of Europe, to avoid persecution and not be part of a fallen church, many called themselves Jews. There were some Jewish synagogues around Europe, but even these had many Jews who were not Jews. The part of this letter that carries on to the end of the age is Rev. 3:9. Behold, I will make those of the synagogue of Satan who say that they are Jews and are not, but lie. Who are these Jews who say they are Jews but are not, and what is their relationship to Satan? In Malachi, the prophet tells us that if the sons of Judea do not change, they will be cast out like sewerage. From there they went on to kill Jesus. There was no such promise to the Levites.
We all know that the temple was destroyed in 70 AD. What few know is that in 130 AD, the Romans swept through the whole country again, with most people being killed and the rest taken into slavery? Disappearing from history, as happened to the other tribes. If you go to Israel today, you will find that only the Levites can trace their heritage back to Adam. About 2% of the population the rest are these impostors, and they can only trace their history back to the 16th century. Still, there have been many people who have turned to Judaism over the millennia that have -played important parts in the Israel story. The letter to Philadelphia warns us about some of them and says that they are not followers of our God.
Is there a group that could be identified as Jews but were really Satan worships? I am glad you asked, for there certainly is. There was a land called Khazaria; it was the central and strongest part of the Tartarian Empire. They were Satan worshippers and believed in child sacrifice. They were a group of people that sat between the Russian Christians in the north and the Muslims in the south. Even though Russia was not declared a Christian nation until 988 AD, they were avid Christians well before that. Around 800 AD, the Khazarians were pressured to be either Christians or Muslims. If they chose one, the other would attack them, so they came up with a compromise and chose Judaism. It sat primarily where Kazakhstan is today. They were the most western part of the Tartarian Empire at that time. The Tartarian Empire eventually covered from Ukraine to the Pacific and included Tibet. The Khazars and the Russians had a troubled relationship for centuries. Some Khazars kept calling themselves Jews until the end of Khazaria, and copies of letters from other Jewish groups to them are in western archives. After the great plague decimated Europe's population, Russia broke into small principalities. Many thought that the Tartarians actually spread the plague by pouring containers of the bacteria into wells.
It would explain the rapid expansion, as the rats and fleas narrative was impossible. The Tartarians seized the opportunity and raised an army from the east called the Golden Horde, which attacked and conquered most of Russia and a lot of Europe. This was about 1240. The leader of this empire was a man called Batu Khan, who lived from 1217 to 1502. He was 285 years old. Gengis Khan commanded the armies for a while and was king over Tartaria, as were his children. More about this when you get to Satan cast down. He was not Satan, but an angelic being. Probably the commander of Satan's armies. Once Satan left the body, he was living in 1332. Batu Khan took over as king for a short time and, during that time, declared Tartaria a Muslim country and persecuted Christians. They also persecuted the ones who said they were Jews as well. Added to that, they were Satan worshippers who used child sacrifices in their worship. They fled to Europe at that time, 1330–1360. Others had gone already, but their stories came later. The story goes that they fled to escape the Mongol's, but the Mongol's were a Tartarian army raised to attack the Russians, or more correctly, the Muscovites. The relationship between Satan, his fallen angels, and the Tartars is intriguing. The rest of the Jews who are not Jews came out of Europe itself in similar circumstances, as people rebelled against a corrupt Catholic Church. The biggest single group came out of Spain. The Spanish Inquisition turned on the Jews because numerous people were claiming to be Jews to escape persecution. 80,000 escaped and fled to Holland, where they joined up with Khazarian Jewish communities and a few Levis. This is why most modern Jews can only trace their heritage back to the sixteenth century. A number of their modern Jewish religious books also date from this period. These Khazarian priests, or fake Jews, were Satan worshippers. When the Bible says a synagogue of Satan, it is not a metaphor but a literal synagogue of Satan. The most famous of these Khazarians are the Rothschild family, but there are many. You see a hugely disproportionate number of these Jews in positions of power and money. We call them Khazarians, but it is more correct to call them Tartarians. This is not by chance, and the letter to the ages of Philadelphia warns us about it. To find or cross-check Tartaria, two YouTube channels do an outstanding job. Ancient Historia and Jarid Boosters with their Tartarian Peace series.