The Ten Beasts of Revelation

If you can start to understand the beasts, then you can see Revelations more clearly. Beasts, heads, and horns have different properties. We will look at horns and heads next. Now, the beasts themselves—that's the hard one. Revelations has seven beasts, and Daniel 7 has another four. We can consider them to be good or bad, or just beings doing the tasks they were destined to do.

Abaddon sheds some light on these beasts. He had come out of the bottomless pit and was called the angel of the bottomless pit. He was one of the angels from before the flood. The angels from before the flood were called the watchers. According to The Book of Enoch, there were two hundred of them, and they were cherubim. Making Abaddon a cherub. He comes out of the Abyss, and the beast that the woman of Babylon, the great rides, comes out of the abyss. They are the same, for only one comes out of the abyss. This angel, or beast, was also described as a beast when he killed the two witnesses. So if Abaddon is the beast of Mystery Babylon, the other beasts would have been powerful demonic beings.

I say that there are ten beasts; let's run through them. The first four are from Rev. 4, when John is describing the four beasts in heaven around the throne. These beasts are Cherubim types of angels, intelligent beings. This reaffirms the view that the beasts themselves are angelic beings, both good and evil. Each of the four Cherubim around the throne has a characteristic. A lion, an ox, an eagle, and a man's face. If you make one creature out of it, lion's head, ox body, eagles wings and the face of a man. You get a griffin or a dragon. That is what they look like and the reason Satan is called a dragon. They are given spiritual authority over things. In Daniel 7, there are four beasts from the sea, with the fourth beast being the beast in Rev. 13. That is eight beasts. Abaddon, the beast from the bottomless pit, and the beast from the earth are ten. The last beast has this special relationship with the Antichrist. If we are flesh, spirit, and soul, then it stands to reason that all these things will have the same properties. For example, the beast rose out of the sea (spirit). He had seven heads (flesh) and ten horns (soul, mind, or will).

It is not difficult to reason that all of these beasts are cherubim. What can we glean from the word about these angels? We know they have the head of a lion, the body of an ox, wings like an eagle. Satan was able to change his shape into a snake and take Jesus to the top of a mountain in an instance. They can fly and have a calling that they should follow. We will see that they often take the form of humans to achieve their goals among us.